Agile Projects, General terms and conditions

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Agile Project may be used in projects when the parties’ project method and collaboration are based on the Agile Principles and where the requirements regarding the supplier´s delivery to the customer are to be defined gradually.
– Note this is a translation directly from the Swedish version, which is made for the Swedish market.

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Scope of the project
Implementation of the project (general)
Implementation and verification of timeboxes
Changes to the project
Completion of the project
Customer’s early termination of the project
Extension of the project
Liability for faults
Liability for damages
Intellectual property rights, licensing terms
Infringement of intellectual property rights
Risk and terms of delivery
Forms of remuneration
Security and the personal data act
Principles of business ethics
Early termination
Force majeure
Obligations at the expiry of the collaboration
Governing law, disputes