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TechSverige’s standard agreement

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Do you trade in products and/or services in tech?

TechSverige’s standard agreements can give you great benefit in your everyday work! Our standard agreements are designed to provide extra clarity and clear guidelines – perhaps the best way to prevent a dispute between parties.

TechSverige’s standard agreement helps you sign agreements quickly and securely

You can quickly enter into agreements based on standard agreements and it requires relatively little legal knowledge. A little simplified, you can say that the standard agreements are the fine print of the business agreement. It is easy to make additions and adjustments to the agreements so that the terms suit your business.

A commercial contract consists of two parts – a part unique to the specific contract and a general part consisting of a standard contract. It is important that the other party knows the content of the standard agreement, so make sure to attach the standard agreement with the individual agreement.

Subscribe to TechSverige’s digital standard agreement

You can buy all our standard contracts, digital or printed contract documents in our shop. The easiest way is to subscribe to our digital standard agreements – this gives all employees at your company access to the standard agreements digitally. Individual agreements are sold in packs of 10 that are printed and sent to the delivery address of your choice.

As a parent company, you can sign a special group license, which gives all subsidiaries access to the standard agreements. Contact us at standardavtal@techsverige.se if you want to know more about group licenses.

Contact us for more information

If you want to get in touch with us regarding TechSverige’s standard agreement, you are most welcome to contact our customer service, standardavtal@techsverige.se and we will help you.

Heavy discounts for our members

If your company is a member of TechSverige, you buy the standard agreements at a heavily discounted price. Please note that you must be logged in to the store in order not to miss your member discount! Contact us at standardavtal@techsverige.se if you need help to see if your company is a member of TechSverige.