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Did you know that you can now also take advantage of our industry offer, but without being a member?

As an associated company, you get the opportunity to participate in the industry activities of IT&Telecom Industries, in the same way as a member company, but without being a member of either IT&Telecom Industries or the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. You pay an annual fee to IT&Telecom Industries and will be offered an industry service package that includes:

Opportunity to influence
As an associated company, you have great opportunities to influence our operations, from strategic business planning and problem definition, to lobbying activities, anchoring of decisions and standpoints in our advocacy work. You will also be invited to participate in our various committee activities aimed at ensuring that our influence and advocacy work are firmly established with our members and also to provide an arena for the exchange of knowledge and experience. Read more about the issues we pursue within the framework of our various committees here.

Reduced price of standard agreement
As an associated company of IT&Telecom Industries, you can buy the standard agreements at a heavily discounted price. For subscriptions that provide digital access to all standard agreements, you pay SEK 6,000 excluding VAT/ 12 months instead of SEK 12,000 excluding VAT/ 12 months. Read more about our standard agreements here.

Insurance and advisory services
As an associated company of IT&Telecom Industries, you will also receive benefits and offers from us and our partners – on the same terms as for our members. Here you can read more about the relevant benefits.

Business intelligence and information
As an associated company, we keep you up to date on issues that affect you, your company and the industry at large in various ways. Through our Newsletter you will receive regular information about current and important issues.

Basic business ethics principles
As an associated company, you undertake to comply with our basic business ethics principles that aim to provide IT&Telecom Industries’ members and associated companies with guidelines on how employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders should be treated in a lawful, fair and ethically acceptable manner.

How much does it cost?
An associated company pays a fee to IT&Telecom Industries. The cost of becoming an associated company varies according to your company’s size and number of employees.  Here you can calculate your approximate fee. If you need help calculating your exact fee, please contact  intresseanmalningar@almega.se.

If you would like more information about our industry work and what we offer you as an associated company, please contact  info@techsverige.se.