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Sweden’s tech sector has enjoyed, and is still enjoying, an awesome expansion. In a way that should be impossible due to Sweden’s small size, we have matched the leading nations in both growth and versatility of tech companies. Stockholm has more and more become known as the Silicon Valley of Europe

Behind this expansion has been an available pool of domestic and international talent. A crucial element has been the Swedish legislation on workforce immigration that has been in in place since 2008. It was unique when it was introduced, since only a job offer was needed for a work permit.

Sadly, there are glitches in this liberal system. Harder rules were introduced after some years and over-strict implementation has led to tragic examples of established and much needed experts having their permits revoked and being expelled for irrelevant bureaucratic reasons.

Some of these glitches have been amended. But some remain, like overlong handling times for prolongations of work permits and restrictions on travels abroad during the waiting time. These issues need to be settled to restore Sweden’s image as the ultimate talent destination.

To shine light on the possibilities of attracting and finding more foreign talent for the Swedish tech sector IT&Telekomföretagen invites all internationally interested parties in Sweden to attend a breakfast seminar on 7 May. Representatives from tech companies, both international and Swedish, the Swedish Migration Agency and the leading political parties will discuss the pros and cons of the Swedish system, with a focus on the following issues:

  • How can we remove the remaining administrative obstacles for workforce migration?
  • How can the Migration Agency, and other relevant Swedish authorities, be better in assisting tech companies and other employers on workforce migration?

For further information on and registration to the 7 May seminar, please click here