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TechSverige’s new leadership manifesto: When we succeed, Sweden succeeds

The tech sector has become an increasingly important part of society, a prerequisite for our economic development and for how we live our lives. This requires that industry leaders take their responsibility for the continued sustainable development of Sweden.

Meanwhile, Sweden is short 70,000 tech workers and is struggling to find and attract them. A key to attracting new talent to the industry, thus strengthening the industry’s development in order to keep acting as an enabler for a competitive Sweden, is to develop leadership in the industry.

In light of this, TechSverige has produced a leadership manifesto in which we set out a common set of values and a concrete vision for the industry. The manifesto is designed to engage and unite tech industry leaders at all levels, but also to inspire other leaders in other industries. The aim is for the initiative to: 

  • Attract and make the tech industry the obvious choice for tomorrow’s talent.  
  • Inspire and make the tech industry known for its inclusive and communicative leadership by having tech leaders step up in the public debate.  
  • Support and empower today’s and tomorrow’s leaders in the industry to become comfortable in their role as leaders.  
  • Change the perception of tech and strengthen the industry as a whole. 

TechSverige’s new leadership manifesto

When we succeed

Tech is an enabler of sustainability, competitiveness, work, and prosperity, and has established itself as a new base for the Swedish economy. This sets high standards for us as an industry and requires that we as tech leaders take our responsibility. By developing our leadership and taking part in the public debate, we enable continued sustainable development and transformation and inspire other leaders – in Sweden as well as in the global tech arena.

As tech leaders we:

    We act as role models and lead with purpose, courage, and confidence. 
    We create an inclusive and safe work environment where everyone’s a winner. We work sustainably and wisely, not 24/7. 
    We challenge existing structures, ourselves, and our employees. We build partnerships across hierarchies and organisations. 
    We empower and let others shine. We recognise others’ potential and generously open doors for talent to new networks and opportunities. 

You too, sign the manifesto!

TechSverige’s board and several tech leaders are already behind the manifesto – do you also want to sign as a tech leader?

Buy submitting your name, you stand behind the initiative, the shared vision and the stated values ​​regarding leadership in the tech industry.

Your name will then be published on this page, together with other tech leaders who have chosen to sign.

Manifesto for the new leadership