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TechSverige withdraws from current collaboration with Almega

The Board of Directors of TechSverige has resolved to terminate the ownership and collaboration agreement with Almega. The decision means that the organisation will be able to act more independently and free up resources in order to fully focus on the development of the industry and the needs of tech companies.

The tech industry is expanding and has established itself as Sweden’s new basic industry, contributing approximately SEK 300 billion to Sweden’s GDP annually. Tech company solutions are also a prerequisite for digitalisation and innovation in other industries as well as for society as a whole. 

The rapid growth and rate of change impose new demands on the industry and TechSverige as an organisation. To drive future issues and be an even more relevant industry and employer organisation, TechSverige needs to be more independent.

– Our collaboration with Almega has been good, but the industry is evolving rapidly, and we need to keep up. An independent TechSverige can offer existing and new member companies activities that are fully focused on the development and needs of the tech sector, Per Wallentin, Chairman of the Board of TechSverige, says.

The current agreement with Almega is valid until the end of 2024. On 1 January 2025, TechSverige will be an independent organisation but still remain within the service sector and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. 

– Until then, we will continue to build on the competent activities that TechSverige already conducts and develop an excellent and industry-specific employer service. We will meet the needs of both large companies and SMEs in terms of employer service, collective agreements, negotiations, legal advice, and other support. We will do this in close communication with our member companies as well as our trade union partners and other key stakeholders, Wallentin concludes. 


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