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TechSverige terminates ownership and collaboration agreement with Almega

Dear member,
we have previously informed you that on 5 September, the Board of Directors of TechSverige resolved to terminate the agreement with Almega, with the possibility of renegotiation. As we have not found a way forward in these negotiations, the Board of TechSverige has on this day decided to terminate the ownership and collaboration agreement with Almega. It is the Board’s overall assessment that we can create the best possible value for our members if TechSverige is independent of Almega.

The decision is a consequence of the annual meeting decision made in May 2023, when the Board was tasked with renegotiating the agreement with Almega or terminating it, in order to find a solution that best benefits our member companies.

The tech industry is growing rapidly, and the rate of change is high. The rapid growth imposes strict demands on you as companies and on TechSverige as an organisation. Our task is to constantly increase membership value for both our current and future members. Being part of Almega has been good for TechSverige, but with the industry changing so quickly, we need to be both agile and proactive in order to best respond to the development. Therefore, it is a natural next step for TechSverige to become more independent and thus be able to fully focus on the specific needs and challenges facing IT, telecom, and tech companies.

What happens now?
TechSverige’s collaboration with Almega is based on an ownership and collaboration agreement. Among other things, it regulates the organisation’s and Almega’s collaboration on collective agreement negotiations, employer service, joint industrial policy, and joint operational support.
TechSverige has formally terminated the agreement by decision of the Board on 10 October. As the agreement has a notice period of one calendar year, the current agreement will run throughout 2024. During the notice period, you as members will receive the same service from Almega as before.

The new organisation for TechSverige will be in place no later than 1 January 2025. Until then, in close contact with you, our members, as well as our trade union partners and other key stakeholders, we will prepare and ensure that we have an organisation that stands strong on its own two feet. Our focus is now on strengthening our employer service in order to best meet your needs. Not only the needs among larger companies, but also the needs of all the small business owners in the tech industry.

TechSverige’s partnership and work with the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise will not be affected by this decision, which means that our commitment to common issues will continue as before.

We will of course keep our members continuously informed throughout the process via the regular communication channels, such as newsletters, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can also find a Q&A on our website with questions and answers about the decision and what it means for you as a member.