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Information to you as CEO about an independent TechSverige


With this email, I want to inform about TechSverige’s ongoing work to build up an employer service as an independent association within Swedish Business.

During 2024, the focus is on preparing and launching our new organization in order to offer a new and completely industry-adapted employer service under our own auspices from 1 January 2025. We at TechSverige will ensure that this process is both seamless and smooth for our member companies. In other words, you as a member do not need to do anything. Construction of new employer service Karolina Löf, TechSverige’s new general counsel who took office at the beginning of the year, is now working together with our head of negotiations Einar Humlin to best meet the needs of you members. Concretely, this means for you and your company that is a member and has a collective agreement that you will be offered:

Labor law advice from qualified labor lawyers, specialized in your particular collective agreement and in the conditions and conditions of the tech industry.

Representation in court proceedings and assistance in disputes. Expertise and guidance in pension, insurance, salary, work environment and skills provision.

Support in union negotiations.

Contract negotiations and party work during the contract period: Our negotiators, with expertise in the specific conditions of IT, telecom and tech companies, will work to create the best conditions for our collective agreements to continue to be at the forefront in terms of conditions and wage agreements in the labor market.

Smart and target group-adapted, digital support, around the clock (equivalent to today’s Employer Guide).

The collective agreements are not affected by the decision to leave Almega as they were signed by TechSverige together with our union partners.

For all our members, TechSverige’s work continues with:

Influence work on issues that are important to you as an IT, telecom or tech company and to the industry as a whole.

Support and guidance.

Trainings, events and networks.

Regional presence to support small and large member companies across the country.

We are strengthening our team around employment law advice, collective agreements and negotiation

As part of the work to build our own employer service, we are also strengthening our team. Head of negotiations Einar Humlin has been tasked with creating a professional operation adapted specifically for tech, IT and telecom companies. We have a good dialogue with our trade union partners and in the fall preparations will begin for the 2025 contract movement. It is gratifying that Lisa Eriksson and Maja Khailat Holmberg, who are two very skilled and valued negotiators and labor law lawyers with extensive knowledge of the tech industry, will continue to work in TechSverige’s employer operations after the turn of the year as well as being part of the team for the collective agreement negotiations. During the year, we will also recruit more experienced negotiators and labor law lawyers with a focus on the special conditions and challenges of the tech industry. I can assure you that we will have a dedicated and highly competent team in place to support and support you in your role as an employer when we take over the employer service in-house from 1 January 2025.

I will keep you updated on our work during the year and if you have any questions or concerns, you are always welcome to get in touch!


Åsa Zetterberg,
Confederation Director, TechSverige